CRF Awesomeness

Last week Curacao celebrated the first year of a pretty fantastic event; the Curacao Reggae Festival. Brought to us by the “Bob Marley Tribute” legend, mister Junior Tecla, in collaboration with Landhuis Brievengat. It was a pretty jamming evening and the crowd was soaring high above the music (ha ha!).

ShugaWACThe lineup included several international artist like Ashwin Jaydee, Maikal X and Shuga. Pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say? But maybe you’re wondering why the festival ended up on WAC. It isn’t to promote any of the artists, the organization, the location or anything of the sort. We want to promote the people who attended the festival. Yes… YOU.

It was the first festival we went to where there was such a large crowd, but still not a single sign of violence. Wow. Everyone was so nice to each other! Nobody was fussing and pushing, not a drop of beer was “accidentally” spilled on any of us, no fights, no drama, just good ol’ fun. Really.

Look beautiful people of Curacao (and the interwebs!)… It is possible to be united and peaceful. It is possible to achieve a great event without police having to intervene. It is and we can. We did it once, now let’s show the world how there’s no stopping this positive energy!

We also have tons of footage for those of you who couldn’t make it or want to relive the moment, of course. But now imagine trying to make a video compilation of a 6 hour long event that is less than 5 minutes long. Pffff. No way.

Enjoy it Curacao, you deserve it :)