Sombra di Koló Art Exhibit & Lectures

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Happy twenty-fifteen, Kòrsou! The folks here at #WAC hope you guys had the most awesome holiday season and we wish you a blissful 2015 full of love, fun, success and especially more great memories.

For 2015’s first article we’re going to tell you about Sombra di Koló’s art exhibit and lecture series. We’re going to try and cover everything #SDK so get ready!

Have you already seen the Sombra di Koló (SDK) documentary? It played in Teatro Luna Blou for the last months of 2014 and was actively visited. The night we went to watch it was a full house!

The Shadow of Color is made by anthropologist Angela Roe, and filmmakers Selwyn de Wind and Hester Jonkhout. Angela is a bright and amazingly talented woman and she founded the Warwaru ImageNation Foundation with the hopes to enhance nation building and social integration through examining the aftereffects of the colonial era in our post-colonial societies. Her documentary tackles important, but yet not easily discussed and, there we say it, neglected subjects of our society; racism and discrimination.

“The goal of the Sombra di Koló project is to break Curaçao’s taboo on the topics of “race” and “color”.” says Angela. We’d love to tell you more ourselves, but you can find all the information on the Warwaru ImageNation Foundation’s Website.


The SDK art exhibit and lecture series started back in November of 2014, but it is still visible for a few more weeks this year and the lecture are going to go on until the end of January.

Art Exhibit
Angela Roe, together with Crystal Boomgaart, setup the art exhibit. Together they went through all the messages, e-mails and photos sent in and picked a (big) handful to show case at NAAM.

“What’s great about the exhibit is that it gives all talented locals the opportunity to showcase their work.” says Crystal. She explains that the exhibit was open to anyone who had a creative piece that reflected ideas expressed in the SDK documentary. This means that you didn’t have to be a professional artist to be able to participate, which made the expo accessible to even the so called “sunday painters” and other hobbyists.

The exhibit includes paintings, installations and also sculptures.

Lecture Series
The lecture series launched with a very interesting talk by Angela Roe herself. She covered several things, like her research discoveries on her journey with the SDK documentary and how prominent discrimination is on our little island. Her lecture was immediately followed by a fiery discussion by all who were present. People shared personal experiences, scientific facts and study finds and also talked on ideas of how to aid in eliminating the issue.


Then later, on December 6th, followed a heated debate on the ever loved (or “loved”) Zwarte Piet.

Haven’t seen the expo yet? No worries. You can still check it out. We would like to invite you to come experience this exhibit and to not only see for yourself how much talent we have on Curaçao, but to also engage in the racism and discrimination discussion.

For more information on lecture dates and their respective lecturers please click here.

Thanks for reading and if you visit please leave us a comment on how you experienced it :)


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