Curaçao Fitness Challenge 2015

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It’s quote popular for people to start the new year by writing down or sharing their resolutions. Work less and spend more time with friends or family, save more, stop smoking and especially losing weight and getting fit are some of the most popular ones. If getting more active and being healthier is on your bucket list for twenty-fifteen you are going to love this article.

This week I sat down with a few members of Fundashon Alton Paas (FAP) so they can enlighten us on the very awesome Fitness Challenge that they’re currently organizing.


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I met with Alton Paas, the founder of F.A.P. and three other members: Maureen Verginie-Rosalina, Frensel Avastia and Rudel Molina. Together they represent the foundation in the Fitness Challenge that will be held on January 10th 2015 (at ISC).

For those of you who don’t know who Alton Paas is and what his foundations does, I would like to invite you to visit their website and learn more about their cause. They also have a Facebook page. But in short: they’re a non-profit organization aimed to help people with spinal cord injuries (dwarslaesie) in overcoming their (new) challenges.

Now what is the fitness challenge, you might ask. It’s a six-hour (yes, that long) marathon of intense fitness –and, not to mention, awesome fundraiser– that is split into two categories: spinning and basically everything that isn’t spinning. I’ll give some more details about the program shortly, first let’s talk about the fundraiser.

Goal of the event
Fundashon Alton Paas is trying to raise 70k with this event in order to be able to start with a pilot project for intensive exercise-based therapy to help people with spinal cord injuries and other similar injuries. They need the funds in order to get the necessary equipment and guidance. They will be aided by a professional throughout the entire process.
The pilot program will aid people who one way or another have found themselves in the extremely difficult situation of having spinal cord injuries. People like Alton, Maureen, Frensel and Rudel. They will get training and therapy that will help them live life easier. For instance Frensel wants to be able to have better balance and be able to transfer himself from his wheelchair. Rudel also wants to make his arms stronger, because he hopes to be able to go back to work someday. And Maureen wishes to be able to stand up once again.

All of these things seem pretty normal to the average person: standing up, walking to the bathroom, and even simpler tasks like picking up and putting down a glass of water. But for someone with a disability due to a spinal cord injury these daily tasks become not only impossible, but in some cases (extremely) painful.

With the fitness challenge F.A.P. hopes to not only raise awareness to people about how life changes once you have a disability, but to also learn to take care of your body. Because you never know what could happen next.

The spinning part of the event is aimed at groups. You sign up with a group consisting of about 10 to 12 people and once the clock starts you hit the bikes in intervals. People of all conditions are welcome, as you can choose to ride for 20 – 30 minutes, but also 5 – 10. So grab your cousins, your classmates or even your work colleagues and sign up now!

Fitness Program
Besides the spinning marathon there will be several other coaches giving everything from zumba, crossfit to yoga. The fitness program will be organized in eight 45 minute sessions and will be provided by several of Curacao’s best trainers and coaches. You do not have to be a fitness beast to be able to keep up. So don’t be shy.

“You don’t have to participate in the fitness challenge to support our cause,” says Alton. He goes on to explain that people are encouraged to come and support the challenge participants in their intensive mission. And of course you can also come make a donation of any size!

I concluded my interview with these lovely people by asking them why they chose fitness for their fundraiser. “This is a challenge for the whole community” they told me with a smile on their faces. “And exercise is like medicine to the body!”

So what better way to start your year? Love your body, value your ability to move and come support Fundashon Alton Paas in the 2015 Fitness Challenge!


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