Curaçao… just another paradise. Or not?

Awareness, People, Tourism

A few weeks ago I came across an article that inspired me to ask around on Facebook what the people who actually live here like about the island. Here’s what I was able to find out…

Over 30 people shared with me what they truly love about Curaçao. Some did so through one of the island’s most popular facebook groups, and some others shared their favorites on my personal timeline.

Remarkably, almost nobody mentioned the beaches we adore. Or the local cuisine that so many tourists keep talking about. Can you guess what they loved more?


No, not the pretty landscapes. Nope, not the big booty women. Nah, campo is so 2006. Yes, the “feel” of the island, as in the real, unspoiled Curaçao is also pretty high up there. But the number one answer is the people. Yeah, you heard me. Our locals.

WAC-People2I honestly wasn’t expecting it. I constantly hear people complaining about how people around here don’t like to say hi, how we’re always walking with a resting-bitch-face and that we have bad manners. Granted, I’m not one to talk. So it came as a very pleasant surprise.

People here absolutely love how their are treated, apparently. On more than 3 accounts they mentioned that people here let you feel young. THAT was a point I certainly never thought about, but it’s true. I don’t think you will apply for surfing around here and get questioned about your age, or if you want to paint your hair bright purple (that’s actually a custom for “old” people here hahaha).

Personally I loved a comment shared by this guy here. He’s a local park ranger for Uniek Curaçao, so it’s safe to say he knows the island well enough to give a powerful statement such as this. Below is a screenshot of his comment.

He has a point, wouldn’t you agree? Don’t come to Curaçao and expect a sunny-blue-skied-day 24/7, you won’t get it. Don’t expect to be able to go from point a to b by foot or bicycle without any headaches. And certainly do not believe every advertisement out there or take everything on TripAdvisor to heart.

We’re a great island, and we are DEFINITELY worth a visit. But do your research, ask the locals what their opinions are on where to eat or tips on where to stay… options are practically unlimited.

What about you? What do you love about our Dushi Kòrsou? Share your answer in the comments below.


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