Curacao Art Scene: Introduction

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Are you active in the local art scene? Do you participate in any way? No? Well… Read up! Because maybe you’re more involved than you think.

I’m excited! Are you? Art is awesome. Who doesn’t love art? No, really. Who doesn’t? Even when you think you don’t, you’re probably connected to it one way or another.


Did you know Curacao has an exploding art scene? Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating because I myself am very entwined with everything art related on this blessed rock… but seriously, we basically have it all: sculptors, painters, audiovisual artists, poets, a bountiful of extremely talented digital artists, writers, and so on.

Tirzo Martha, Ellen Spijkstra, Avantia Damberg, Ria Houwen, Yubi Kirindongo, Ailsa Anastatia, Garrick Marchena, Omar Sling, Jean Girigori, Herman van Bergen, Ariadne Faries… the list just goes on and on, and on. Maybe you don’t consider them all artists. I myself think there’s a clear difference between artisans and artists, and am even willing to go as far to differentiate between artists and the so called “Zondagsschilders” (and that’s totally a-okay because we need them, all of ’em). You know who I mean yu… those of us who paint in our free time, participate in plein air groups and chillax with some wine. But we also have the more hardcore artists that have a need to make art, because it is how they express themselves and their entire life revolves around making art. And then, of course, we have the artisans. Those of us that love to tinker and doodle, making decorations, souvenirs and all those little cute things our houses and parties couldn’t do without. Driftwood, upcycled cans, reupholstered pieces, you name it and they’re at it.

Besides the people who make/practice (whatever floats your boat) art, we have institutions who work hard on educating our community on the arts. We have places like CCC that focus on not only fine art painting, but also music and other cultural practices. Then we have a few galleries, including Landhuis Bloemhof that is continuously bringing new artists, exhibits and providing workshops of all sorts for people of all ages and interests. But we also have institutions like the Instituto Buena Bista that focuses on educating and preparing our youth for a future in the arts and creative field.


For those of you who aren’t very familiar with the art scene, it’s not too late. Facebook is a good place to start. There are several pages, groups and people who are quite active in the local art scene. Recently a group was founded where people could share and discuss about everything art related on the island. That one is definitely something to check out, since people not only post their new works, but you can also see when there are interesting fairs, workshops and exhibits. For more information, check out Curacao Art Scene on Facebook. You can also check out Curacao Art, one of the island’s best online resources for all art related information. And get your daily dose on updates with Amigoe Express, since they write where (most of) the art galleries and libraries are located.

There is still so much to say about the local art scene. I am certainly far from done, so you can definitely expect much, much more to come. Maybe we should make this a thing. Like a new art related article every… hmmm… let’s say…month? Yes! Let’s do it! I’m ready.

How about you? How do you participate in Curacao’s art scene?


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