A foundation with a heart for man’s bffs

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We all know Curacao, by now, has plenty of animal sanctuaries and other animal rescue organizations. Great, right? Yes! But did you know we also have an animal organization aimed specifically at educating our youth on animal care? Today we’re going to enlighten you a bit on I-Animal; a non-profit organization with a heart of gold.

I-Animal at Kinderoorden Brakkeput | Image copyright I-Animal

Now you’re probably thinking dogs. But no, we’re not only talking about dogs. Or cats, for that matter. I-Animal emphasizes on educating the youth about all animals. Sniffling, stinky, wild, cute, big, small, slithering, flying… you get it. All of ’em.

Siegmond van Lamoen started I-Animal in twenty-twelve with the hopes to educate our children and thus creating a far greater animal loving (and helping) community for our island. He takes his foundation to schools, events and other organizations and talks about how to take care of animals. Not only what to do with stray animals and such, but also how to take care of your own pets. Wonderful!

How many of us out there are constantly annoyed by that neighbor that keeps tying up the dog in the sun, not feeding the cat (thus making it show up at your door) or not giving the goats or donkey water? You know what we’re talking about. Mhhmm! But that’s all changing now. Slowly but surely.

I-Animal has had several successful projects over the last few years, including their participation in this year’s Kids City Festival in June. They also run a program over at Kinderoorden Brakkeput where they talk to kids on animal care and awareness and also engage them in activities.

During Kids City '14 | Images copyright I-Animal

During Kids City ’14 | Images copyright I-Animal

“A society that is educated on proper animal care can prevent things like animal abuse, abandoned pets and hungry pups” says Siegmond. “We hope to be able to keep doing this and continue to grow for many, many years.”

You should follow them on facebook so you can stay up to date on all their whereabouts, like when they attend events or are having a fundraiser. And as an added bonus you’ll get all their wonderful animal updates and pet ideas like this video that shows you how you can make your own DIY dog game with plastic bottles.

Don’t just adopt a pet, nurture it too :)



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